Frequently Asked Question

Our company provides various services like front-end/backend development, website and app development, blockchain development, web hosting, e-commerce development, digital marketing, web software and other services like payment gatway intergrations, api development, seo optimization, web softwares, risk and security management.

Aniruddha vikharankar is the founder and current CEO at Uniqdevs and all assotiated subsidiaries.

It depends on the team and the project work. If the project is big it may require few weeks to get completed. If the project is small then it will get finished within few days.

Yes, we allow our clients to delay the projects if the alloted team to complete the project is ready to do.

It depends on the project, If the project is big and more than 2 people are working on it then 60% of the coated amount is asked in advanced payment. For other projects with 1 or 2 people working on it 35/40% of the coated amount is asked in advanced payment.
Remaning payment can be done after the complition of the project when client is fully satisfied with the work.