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Web Designing And App Development

We design and develop top notch websites and applications with responsive, SEO optimised, User friendly and catchy looking features. Websites designed by us are very fast because we host our clients websites on vps servers and the second reason is clean and systematically coded pages.

Languages We Use

For Web Development - We use coding languages like html, css, javascript, jquery, react js, and some frameworks like bootstrap and Tailwind CSS for the front-end development and for Back-end development we use php, core php and node js. We use mysqli and mongodb as our database management systems.

For App Development - We use react native for developing hybrid applications. We also create android application and IOS applications seperately for better performance and high customizations.

For making specific android apps we use core php and frameworks like codeigniter.

Why prefer our web and app services ?

  • Clean coded and SEO optimized websites.
  • Websites and Apps are hosted on super fast VPS servers.
  • Free google console, analytics, social media, payment gateway integrations.
  • Frequent checks are made by our team to keep the websites or apps secure and bug free.

Blockchain Development

We are among the rarest companies who are currently offering blockchain development. Blockchain development is the future technology and adpotion of this technology will boom in next few months or years.

Currently we only develop and manage projects based on etherium blockchain or similar to etherium blockchain. Eg- polygon, binance, avalanche, fantom etc.

Languages We Use

We use solidity to develop and maintain dapps or crypto projects launched by us.

Solidity is a language with which we can write smart contracts on and deploy them on etherium or similar blockchain, compactible to run on EVM i.e Etherium Virtual Machine.

Blockchain services that we offer

  • Development of decentralized apps and marketplaces on various chains
  • Development of crypto nft projects including NFT staking, minting, etc.
  • Contribution in crypto projects which are based on solidity language.
  • We also consult teams who are working on blockchain projects and help them to figure out problems related to ICO's and project launching, marketing, growth and the list continues.

Software Development

We also develop custom softwares like Desktop softwares, webapp softwares, etc.

We have recently launched our free financial software at do check it our if you are a business man.

Languages We Use

Depending on the software type we prefer the language. We try to make the software fast and easy to use and manage.

IT Consultancy

We provide several consultancy services like SEO optimazation which includes steps to rank fast on google and get an assured reach and good organic traffic within 5/6 months of consultancy and App integrations which includes integrations of social media apps into websites or applications.

Social media marketing which is important for the growth of any online business. We assure our clients for best response and sales after getting consulted by us.

We also develop API's and integrate payment gateways on applications or websites.

We also provide services like fixing bugs, loading issue or adding new features on websites or apps coded by other developers and also take responsiblity to host the website or app securely with us and maintain it further.